Shop/Fabrication and Warehouse


The Fabrication Shop at C&H Fire Suppression is a full production unionized shop.  Our trained professionals ensure the projects are fabricated accurately, efficiently and delivered on time.  With our certified welder in addition to our robotic welder and high volume industrial grade threading machines, we can effectively process, fabricate and expedite to meet your scheduling.  Because our internal shop only fabricates for our own projects and our own priorities, there is never a scheduling issue or lag for the completed job to be delivered to site, correct, and on schedule.  Our warehouse is equipped with a drive through loading bay utilizing a 6000lb overhead crane to allow for efficient loading and unloading.

Our Shop is supported by a fully stocked warehouse with material listed for fire protection use.  Some of the various items we do have in stock are:

  • Fire Sprinkler Piping – Both Steel and CPVC
  • Fittings – Grooved, Threaded, CPVC, and welded
  • Fire Sprinklers – Standard, Quick, Dry and Special Sprinklers ie ESFR, Window, Storage, etc.
  • Standpipe & Fire Hose Valves / Equipment
  • Pipe Support – Hangers & Structural Attachments and Seismic
  • Backflow Assemblies
  • Valves – Alarm, Deluge, Pre-Action, Check Valves
  • Control Valves – Butterfly, OS&Y, Butterball / Ball Valves, Grooved, Flanged and Wafer Style
  • Ancillary Items – Sprinkler Cabinets, Head Guards, etc
  • Switches – Tamper, Flow, Alarm
  • Fire Extinguishers - All Types

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