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Three injured in Tavistock explosion

(Woodstock Sentinel Review 12/15/2015)

A small explosion and fire inside the Yantzi Feed and Seed plant injured three employees.

Tavistock firefighters and other emergency personnel responded to the report of an explosion and fire early Tuesday evening at Yantzi Feed and Seed Ltd. on Woodstock Street North in Tavistock. (BRUCE URQUHART/SENTINEL-REVIEW)

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GVCA Recognizes Construction Excellence

(Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA), 5/6/2014)

The Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) has recognized outstanding construction projects undertaken by its members with presentation of its 2014 Building Excellence Awards.

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Sprinklers key for building safety: study

(Daily Commercial News, 2/2/2014)

A recent study showing that the type of building construction material used did not affect the increased likelihood of a fire spreading, injuries and death — as long as the buildings were equipped with sprinklers, was well-received by the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC).

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Sprinklers Saved Life of Laconia Man Smoking While on Oxygen

(UnionLeader, 01/29/2012)

The Laconia man engulfed in flames when his portable medical oxygen tank ignited when he apparently fell asleep drinking and smoking remains in a Boston hostpital Sunday with second and possibly third-degree burns, the fire chief said.

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Fire Sprinklers Credited for Saving Lives

(Keloland TV, 02/02/2012)

Fire investigators credit a 40-year-old sprinkler system with saving countless lives this week. A kitchen fire broke out in the tallest apartment in downtown Sioux Falls and as if it hadn't been for the decades old equipment, the outcome could have been a lot worse.

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